Angelica Kawakami
Angelica Kawakami
Angelica Kawakami grew up on an orchid farm located in a very small town in the countryside of Brazil. Even though her family lived miles away from their neighbors, as is the case in farming communities, they always felt connected and close to their neighbors and friends.

Because Angelica’s family was a part of a close-knit Japanese community, where every person was a vital member, these families looked after each other and shared life’s experiences. In the countryside, Angelica was surrounded by nature and grew up with the privilege to explore the outdoors at her own pace and freewill.

Being surrounded by nature, Angelica developed skills to observe and construct and test hypotheses. The desire to fuel her passion to learn and dive into an in-depth study of the natural world led her to get a BA in Biology and share her passion with students as a Science Teacher for 5 years.

In 2006, Angelica moved to America and is now raising her own two children, who have inspired her to learn more about the precious and important early childhood years. As a result,

Angelica earned a certificate in Early Childhood Education through UCLA. She feels very fortunate to share her passion for learning with young children at Synapse Atelier since 2019 and to have the opportunity to witness how children grow and develop when they are seen as competent beings.