Teacher Juanita

Juanita grew up in Mexico and emigrated to the United States at the age of seven. She arrived on Friday and began second grade on Monday. She spoke her hometown’s Indigenous language, in addition to Spanish, and worked hard to learn English to communicate with her teachers and peers. At first, it was a struggle and with the help of one amazing teacher who took the time to provide additional teaching and support during recess, lunch, and after school, she was able to persevere. Through these gestures of kindness and guidance, Juanita was inspired to work with children to create a positive learning experience.


She was determined to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Cal State Los Angeles and her associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College.

Juanita sought to discover a philosophy that was student-centered where teachers would meet children where they are. This is why she joined Synapse Atelier, a Reggio Emilia inspired pre-school community, which provides a relationship-driven teaching environment for all children.

Teacher Jazmin

Jazmin was born in Guatemala and came to the US when she was 10 years old. Jazmin worked hard to learn English and focus on her education. She is the first generation in her family to attend University. Jazmin is in her third year and is working towards her Bachelor’s at California State University Northridge in Child Development.
Her passion to work with young children started when she was just in her teens and started volunteering with children at her church. A year ago, Jazmin started her journey as a preschool teacher. She is passionate about creating environments that inspire young children to connect with nature and to each other.

Because children are the future, Jazmin believes the greatest investment that the world can make is in their Early Childhood Education, empowering children to think as problem-solvers, engage in community discussions, and advocate for positive change.